Venera Salakhidinova (Russia)

graduated from the Gnessin State Musical College (student of Honored Art Worker of Russia Dieva R.A.) and the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music (under the tutelage of professor Zvereva V.E.). Since 1995, Venera has been a teacher in the Gnessin State Musical College; in 2006 she accepted the position of the Head of the Piano Department in Gnessin college, and since the day the School of RAM was established, she has been the Head of its Piano Division. Her graduates continue their education in the Moscow P.I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory and Gnessin Russian Academy of Music. Salakhidinova V.A. leads an in-depth work on musical methodology. She is the author of such exemplary programs as «Major: Piano» (advanced level of secondary education) (2006) and “Subject: Piano” for children’s music schools and children’s art schools (2006). Additionally, she has written work programs for the educational courses of « Piano Major», «Chamber music», «Collaborative piano». She is the author of many reviews and critique for educational programs and methodological studies. Venera gives lectures and hosts master classes in Moscow as well as many other cities of Russia. She is an honorary jury member of different festivals and competitions. Since 2010, Venera has annually organized and hosted Gnessin’s Open Junior Festival in Gnessin’s college.