The pianists who are to perform the compositions of the participants in the specialty “Composition” were defined

The pianists who are to perform the compositions of the participants in the specialty “Composition” were defined

The organizers of the Rachmaninoff International Competition for Pianists, Composers and Conductors held a draw of the pianists who are to perform the compositions of the contestants in the specialty “Composition”.

The composers’ competition consists of 2 rounds: an extramural qualifying round based on the submitted scores (according to the results of which 12 participants were selected), and an intramural round of 2 stages with a public performance of the author’s compositions. At the 1st stage, compositions for solo piano will be played, at the 2nd stage – compositions for piano and orchestra that were written specifically for the competition will be performed. According to the regulations, the composer can independently perform a solo piano part, invite his own pianist or the pianist provided by the Competition Directorate, who is appointed according to the results of the draw.

The musical pieces of the contestants in the specialty “Composition” will be performed:


  • Pyotr Dyatlov
Maxim Puryzhinsky
  • Eduard Kiprsky
  • Vladimir Kobekin
Independently (1 stage),
Daniil Sayamov (2 stage)
  • Luo Maishuo
Mikhail Turpanov
  • Alexander Makarov
Ekaterina Mechetina
  • Kristina Oganesyan
Mona Khaba
  • Andrey Pospelov
Ruslan Razgulyaev
  • Alexei Sergunin
  • Xiao Jinhan
Alexey Kudryashov
  • Alexander Tleuvov
Yana Kostina (1 stage),
Vera Zyryanova (2 stage)
  • Mikhail Fuksman
Sofia Bugayan (1 stage),
Timofey Vladimirov (2 stage)
  • Yang Yuanfan

The order of performance of the composers’ pieces will be defined on June 18. The draw will take place in the Small Hall of the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall.

Recall that the Rachmaninoff International Competition of Pianists, Composers and Conductors will take place from June 14-27, 2022 in Moscow on the stages of the Moscow Conservatory, the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall and the Rachmaninov Hall (Philharmonia – 2). The official opening will take place on June 15 at the Moscow Conservatory. The competition was established in 2021 at the suggestion of Denis Matsuev, the People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, on the eve of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Sergei Rachmaninov in 2023.