Rachmaninoff Educational Institutions to Form an Association

Rachmaninoff Educational Institutions to Form an Association

Photo provided by Russian National Museum of Music

Music educational institutions named after Sergei Rachmaninoff will form an association in honor of the composer’s 150th birthday anniversary.

As reported by Aleksander Ermakov, Director of the Museum-Reserve of S.V. Rachmaninoff “Ivanovka”, they are fleshing out the project of the Sergei Rachmaninoff Association, which will consolidate the tertiary, secondary-level and music schools named after Sergei Rachmaninoff. According to Aleksander Ermakov, the music school’s building in Ivanovka is currently undergoing major repairs and is scheduled to open in 2023 as a music academy for child music prodigies, including child composers.

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin commissioned to hold the celebrations in honor of the 150th birthday anniversary of Sergei Rachmaninoff in 2023. The Rachmaninoff International Competition for Pianists, Composers and Conductors, one of the major events, will take place in 2022 for the first time, and thereafter it will be convened every four years. More: TASS

The competition is founded by the Government of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. The competition is organized by the Federal State Budgetary Institution of Culture “ROSCONCERT”.